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     Tianjin STL Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has high level R&D capacity and has developed manufacturing technology in phosphate cathode materials. It is one of the few companies specializing in the lithium phosphate cathode material in the world.

      Being the first manufacture on a large scale, STL promotes the development and application of power batteries (iron phosphate batteries) in China. The product performance and capacity are at the international forefront. Our production capacity is 2000 tons annually now, and is going to reach 4,000 tons per year in the next two years.

       STL, providing power for the new energy resource, aims to become one of the global leading suppliers of phosphate cathode material. With the leading process technology, advanced manufacturing equipments, excellent business ideas, scientific management system and dedicated team, STL committed to high-quality phosphate series of cathode materials for the development and application. Relying on a world-class R & D team and testing equipments, we applied to the ISO9001 system certifications successfully. STL adheres to provide high-quality and safe products, which are in reasonable price, as well as perfect service.

      STL adheres to youth, freedom, love, civilization as the culture value and believes that rely on science we can create good future. We know our social responsibility and focus on environment protection. We will provide more and safer power to help our customers grow bigger and bigger. We believe that cooperation is becoming more important and it will make all of us go forward faster.

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